WMS dashboards are the most efficient way to breathe life and visibility into your data.  Your WMS collects an enormous amount of data.  Dashboards help you identify the meaningful messages in your data so that you can take meaningful actions in real-time.  Dashboards can be created to monitor and optimize all aspects of your warehouse operation.

Over time each user group creates numerous reports to provide the information needed for daily operations as well as historical analysis.  The report data is presented with detail that needs to be carefully analyzed to see volumes, trends, or exceptions.  Using a real-time graphical view of data and presenting data in an “at-a-glance” summarized way speeds-up and improves the way data is absorbed and used for planning, monitoring, analysis, and optimization.

Dashboards present the most crucial data for each user group at a summary level.  Drill downs permit access to the underlying detail for further analysis and understanding.

User groups require their own specific information to most effectively perform their work.  A few examples include:

  • Warehouse Managers – KPIs and Daily Volumes
  • Picking Supervisors – Work volumes and work types to effectively assign resources
  • Trouble Shooters – Visibility to exceptions so they can be resolved as soon as they occur
  • Inventory Analysts – Volumes and exceptions in historical and geographical formats
  • Supervisors – Performance by individual and work group for work planning and to perform employee evaluations

ISI-Exeter has a team of WMS Specialists and Software Engineers that understand how to provide visibility to the right data at the right time.  They can help you collect, extract, translate, and present the data that is most valuable to your warehouse operation.

Contact George Goulet at 603-318-7700 X109 or ggoulet@isi-exeter.com