COBOL Programming

ISI engineers are COBOL programming experts, particularly with the IBM System i (AS/400) environment.  Most of our core product code is written in COBOL.  They have a solid understanding of the OS/400 operating system, Db2 for IBM i (DB2/400) database, DDS (Data Description Specifications) and CL (Control Language).  ISI engineers are familiar with SQL and exposing the DB2 database to outside clients for metrics and dashboards. They are also comfortable working in UNIX environments using Micro Focus COBOL.

ISI engineers are particularly well-versed with supply chain application programming, and they are very well suited for projects that can be worked remotely.  ISI engineers have also helped migrate legacy systems to newer hardware, operating systems, and databases.  

Each day $3 trillion in commerce is handled by COBOL code.  COBOL, programmed well, is a reliable, low maintenance workhorse.

If you are seeking COBOL programming assistance please call George Goulet at 617-510-0079 or email at  I would be glad to schedule an introductory call with engineering to see if we are a good fit for your needs.