About Us

Interactive Systems, Inc. (ISI-Exeter), founded in 1977, is a privately held Massachusetts company.  ISI-Exeter develops, licenses, and supports software applications, custom modifications, and programming tools for multiple computer platforms.

ISI-Exeter is a best-of-breed or best-in-class software provider.  Our areas of expertise and software solutions include:

  • Supply Chain Management – warehouse management software (Exeter WMS), enhancement development, and support for logistics operations.
  • Financial Management – accounting for public and private sector organizations (FASBE).

ISI-Exeter is a pioneer in the WMS marketplace. With 20+ years of experience, we have successfully delivered sophisticated high-throughput Warehouse Management solutions using advanced material handling equipment to some of the nation’s most respected companies.


Additionally, for over 30 years ISI-Exeter has delivered quality accounting software and services as well.

ISI-Exeter takes pride in providing quality software and support services to our clients.  Our mission is to:

  • ensure our customers leverage their investment in ISI-Exeter solutions,
  • provide exceptional customer care, and
  • maintain a culture of responsibility, innovation, and initiative.